In Case of Emergency

March 16, 2018
In Case of Emergency

When emergency services are called, sometimes the person in distress is unable to speak because they are unconscious or experiencing respiratory difficulties. Paramedics are trained to saved lives no matter what the circumstances, but a little bit of background information on someone's health can go a long way in regards to time and treatment. 

The I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) pouch is an idea brought to Lake Country Co-op by Parkland Ambulance. This bright, highly-visible pouch contains a form to hold your medical information; medications you're taking, existing health conditions, allergies, and emergency contact information. The I.C.E. pouch can speak for you in an emergency, when you're unable to. Keeping it in a visible spot in your home, and perhaps a second one in your wallet or purse, can help paramedics greatly. 

The pouches were launched at a press conference at Lake Country Co-op's Marketplace in Prince Albert on Thursday, March 15th. Director of Pharmacy Monique Zwack was on hand, along with Lyle Karasiuk of Parkland Ambulance. The pouches are available, free of charge, from Parkland Ambulance's 2nd Avenue location at the top of the hill, the Lake Country Co-op Marketplace Pharmacy (777 15th Street East), or from the Prince Albert Co-operative Health Centre's Pharmacy (110 8th Street East). Lake Country Co-op pharmacists will be happy to assist you in filling out the forms if assistance is needed.